09 December Friday

Slandering Stems From Lack Of Ideas : Dr. Daya Pascal

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Thursday May 26, 2022

Thrikkakara : It is lack of ideas in a healthy conversation  that drives  the other side to resort to slandering, said  Dr,. Daya Pascal - wife of LDF’s  Thrikkakara poll candidate Dr. Jo Joseph. Fake videos are being circulated. The family is  targeted with false accusations. Our children have to be attending school and we need to go to work for a living even after polls, said Dr. Daya speaking with reporters.

We are facing intense and cruel social media attacks. We don’t choose to personally react over them because, elections are not about confrontation between people. Since the party is invoking legal measures, we are not putting up a response in this regard, said Drl. Daya.