04 October Wednesday

Shradha’s Death To Be Investigated By Crime Branch; Students Withdraw Strike

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Jun 7, 2023

Kanjirapally : Students striking over their fellow student Shradha’s suicide have announced recalling their protest following their talks with Higher Education Minister Dr. R Bindu and Minister VN Vasavan.

During the talks, Minsiter R Bindu assured to have Shradha’s death investigated by the Crime Branch. The minister said all tips spoken by the students shall be tapped into during  investigations, adding that, the student grievances are also being considered. Among other things, the students had asked ministers for change of current hostel warden.

The Tragic Death
Shradha, a Thiruvankolam native from Tripunitura, hanged herself inside the hostel room Friday night. At the college lab, the attending professor had  snatched away Shradha’s mobile for using it there.   Apparently the invasion of privacy issue was too much for the young girl to handle. Shradha  was found hanging from the fan the same night and though transported to the hospital,  she succumbed to death.

Her family  accuse school authorities for milsleading  doctors at the hospital that Shradha  fell from dizziness to her head. The family believes if the right cause for admission was disclosed, she might have recieved the right and life-saving treatment.