24 October Sunday

Shoba Surendran And Now, P.M. Velayudhan; BJP Leaders Lock Horns in Open Fight

ES SubashUpdated: Tuesday Nov 3, 2020


With party leaders hitting out at one another openly, BJP’s internal strife has now assumed  explosive proportions.  Open confrontation began with Shoba Surendran’s scathing criticism of state leadership that undermines the party leaders..  BJP veteran PM Velayudhan followed suit and made utterences including emotional ones in similar vein. . The matters raised by Shoba shall  be discussed, said AN Radhakrishnan gesturing his support for the view.

The ongoing effort under aegis of Shoba Surendran, is aimed to lend greater prominence to the Krishnadas faction. State president K Surendran proclaimed that Shoba would not send her grievance to the national leadership. The indifference led to  full-blown fight among rival members. And, matters now appear coursed for greater number of partymen turning against state leadership in coming days.

According to sources, KP Sreedharan, N Sivarajan, B Gopalakrishnan, B Radhakrishnamohan, Raveesh Tantri, JR Padmakumar and other former office bearers are preparing to step up heat. In several districts including Palakkad, tensions run high over selection of Panchayat election candidate. Meanwhile, the central leadership continues to be bombarded by complaints against state leadership. Seniors dissatisfied over functional style of state leadership also includes O Rajagopal.