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Sharon Murder : High Court Rejects Appeal For Bail To Greeshma’s Mother and Uncle

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Nov 30, 2022

Kochi : In the murder by poisoning of Parshala youth Sharon, the High Court dismissed appeal for bail to mother and unlce of prime accused Greeshma.  In their plea, Greeshma’s mother Sindhu and maternal uncle Nirmal had challenged  Neyattinkara court ruling that refused them bail earlier.

The prosecution laid arguments pointing out  active role Sindhu and Nirmal played in the murder conspiracy and destroying of evidence after the murder became exposed.

Backdrop : 23-year-old college student Sharon from Parshala was poisoned by his girlfriend Greeshma, a Tamil native. On 21 October, Sharon developed nausea and sickness to his stomach after consuming a medicinal syrup(Kashayam) Greeshma offered at her home. His friend, waiting outside at the time, recalled how Sharon started to vomit something green in colour soon after he exited Greeshma’s house. Unbeknownst to Sharon, he was  fed deadly pesticide mixed in his drink. Sharon’s condition grew worse and a multi-organ failure after  2-days of ICU admission, he succumbed to death.

Sharon’s alert brother and accounts of his close friends pointed finger to Greeshma, whose incriminating whatsapp chat’s showed she had administered the poison.  Eight hours into the interrogation, she confessed to the crime. Her mother Sindhu and uncle Nirmal were also questioned and indicated  active roles they played in plotting the murder and destruction of evidence. Sharon’s father, who works abroad, does not appear to have had any knowledge of the ongoings.

Greeshma was motivated by her plans to endt her one-year-old relationship with Sharon and move on to a marriage with a soldier her family had arranged , underestimating police capacity to trail events that would lead up to her.