02 June Friday

Shall Leave If Party No Longer Needs My Services: K Muraleedharan

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Friday Mar 31, 2023

 Thiruvananthapuram :  The spectre  of infighting is back in state Congress. And in typical fashion, it is Muraleedharan who is speaking his mind publicly.  Muraleedharan was sore over not being slotted to speak at Vaikom Satyagragha centenary function. Muraleedharan said,  It’s best to stop singing while the voice is still fine; If party does not need my services anymore, I am ready to go away". He later also informed his discontent to AICC General Secretary KC Venugopal.

The national leadership takes grave view of the fact that the centenary celebration venue of Vaikom Satyagraha  served to be  stage to internal strife.  The ocentenary celebrations was also the first time that Malikarjun Kharge visited Kerala  after being elected as Congress’s national president.

At the function, both  K Muraleedharan and Shashi Tharoor were denied turn to address audience.  K Muraleedharan , who  is also a  former KPCC president, did not initially even have a seat on the dais. Muraleedharan started  by asking why he was left out while all former KPCC presidents were invited to the occasion .  K Sudhakaran's responded saying maybe  it slipped off the mind of  persons in charge of arrangements.

K Muraleedharan  blamed K Sudhakaran for exclusion dished out to him and brought the mater to attention of the central leadership. Only KPCC President K Sudhakaran, Leader of Opposition VD Satheesan, former KPCC Presidents Ramesh Chennithala and MM Hasan spoke  at the function. MP Shashi Tharoor, who participated who had come over with  special invite from K Sudhakarn, is also unhappy about not being allowed to address the event.  Meanwhile, several senior leaders have  grievances over being ignored  at the  Vaikom satyagraha centenary celebration. According to sources, more leaders are expected to be vocal  in coming days.

Earlier, as MPs,  K Muraleeidharan and MK Raghavan  had taken open stand against  KPCC leadership. Following this, K Sudhakaran issued  Show cause notices to both. It turned controversial. Muraleedharan responded saying there was freedom of expression in the party but now, only those who remain silent of leadership’s mismanagement find a place in the Party.  Muraleedharan also said  he will not contest the Lok Sabha or Assembly elections. MK Raghavan also responded in similar vein.  It is Party’s way now to discard people after using theim thoroughly. The atmosphere now is that one cannot express disagreement or raise criticism in the Party.  Even  League has restored in-Party democracy, said MK Raghavan.