22 October Friday

Shall Kill, Threatens Mandalam President; BJP Women Councilors Write To Prime Minster

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Tuesday Sep 21, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : Two women councilors at Palakkad municipality wrote to the Prime Minister and Union Home Ministry complaining of Mandalam (constituency committee) president’s alleged  threat to kill them.

The complaints expressing fear of harm originated from State General Secretary C Krishnamukar’s wife, Mini and  former municipality chaierperson Pramila and accused Mandalam president-cum-councilor PS Mithesh of the making the threat. In the parliamentary election held 26 August, Mithesh insulted the women, and threatened to kill them, the complaint stated. The women members further said the matter was informed to state president K Surendran and Organising Secretary M Ganesh.

Women councilors are unable to offer opinion at the committee meetings, the complainants wrote. If the national leadership fails to address their grievance, they will be forced to approach the Women’s Commission, the letter stated.