07 October Friday

Shahjahan Murder : Witness Admits His Son Was One Among The RSS Assailants

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Aug 16, 2022

Palakkad :  Palakkad : Kanamkode native Suresh admitted to police his son was indeed among the armed RSS bikers who hacked CPI(M) LC member Shajahan to death on Sunday night.  Suresh and Shajahan had stood talking by the wayside, when the assailants arrived. His son shouted “Acha maarikyo (get out of the way, father)”  as the gang came dangerously close to perpetrating their crime, said Suresh.

The murder: The gruesome murder took place on Sunday night at 9.15. At the time, Shajahan was outside talking with his friend Suresh, when a gang of RSS men, including Suresh’s son,  arrived on bikes armed with machetes and  hacked Shajahan multiple times. Shajahan sustained deep gashes to his neck and head.

The motive : The RSS gang comprised drug peddlers who became  infuriated after Shajahan assembled resistance against selling drugs in the area.