29 September Friday

Setback Suffered By Media Too; Question Is, Will They Make Amends? :A. Vijayaraghavan

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday May 15, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : It is unfortunate that media houses in Kerala are hesitant to rethink their stance and approach based on  what election results tell them, said CPI(M) Acting Secretary, A. Vijayaraghavan.

“In the wake of election results, all major political parties in state have called for review of their approach and activities. It is an altogether different matter if they will work on that call.  Even those who registered victory will conduct a self-assessment, effecting changes to plug lapses and correct defects. The party will surge forward garnering greater public support. That is part of democracy,” said A. Vijayaraghavan.

Unfortunately, the media that’s considered as the fourth pillar of democracy is not forthcoming with this  kind of response, he added.

In fact, UDF with its politics of denial and BJP with  politics of hate are not the only ones to suffer setback. The election results have eroded credibility of rightist media houses too.  Public squared rejected the false propaganda they jointly unleashed against the govt and LDF.  Even so, why is media unwilling to reexamine its ways. To their audience and readers, can they act in a manner like they don’t belong to this land at all?, asked Vijayaraghavan.

In his article, A. Vijayaraghavan arrays  reasons for media’s failure to create a public awareness on the Left govt instead of bombardment with  lies and allegations :

1)    Media lies cannot obliterate people’s assessment based on their personal experience.
2)    Lies attempted on social media crumbles instantly when public confront them.
3)    The laudable role played by  Leftist media especially Deshabhimani and Kairali in defending against fake propaganda is hundred times more honest and in keeping with democratic principles.
4)    Artistes, writers  and intellects came forward to preserve the interests of the states and secularism - the coordinated efforts of which became counter to the media’s anti-people agenda, wrote Vijayaraghavan. .