08 June Thursday

Satheesan- Chennithala Fight Moves To Next Level; Emergency KPCC Leaders Meeting Friday

Special CorrespondentUpdated: Wednesday Feb 16, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram :  Fight between former and current Opposition leader reaches new level with K Sudhakaran descending on the scene  questioning  Ramesh Chennithala over  making media comments  sidelining VD Satheeshan,   Incidentally, Chennithala’s intrusion has caused  much irk inside the  party as well.

Arguments inside are also rife over K Sudhakaran’s refusal to assign a organisational charge to Kodikunnil Suresh and further, not appointing KC Joseph as Working President in place of demised PT Thomas. With animosities getting out of hand, a meeting of KPCC leaders has been convened coming  Friday. The meeting also comes amidst heightened differences over appointments of KPCC Secretaries and DCC Presidents.

New dissent equations are bound to reflect at the upcoming executive meeting. And, K Sudhakaran is focused on to somehow carry the  reorganisation through. The plan is to trim down Jumbo List submitted by   various   districts.

Even allies are scratching their heads over   Chennithala’s remark of  bringing no-confidence motion in the Assembly. Amid the tensions,  Kodikunnil Suresh hit back on  what he termed was negligectful stance on part of state leadership. “Accommodation”  is the only  feature of the Working President post currently, said Kodikunnil.

Meanwhile,  Oomen Chandy raised demand that Working President vacancy  following  demise of PT Thomas be filled. Sudhakaran however is of the   view that  the  Working President post is unnecessary.

The Sore Point  : When Opposition Leader VD Satheesan avoided detailed  response on Lokayukta controversy, Chennithala called a press conference of his own  giving out  comments  on the issue. The overstepping has  understandably infuriated VD Satheesan. Even so, according to sources, there took place a Sudakaran-Chennithala meeting before calling of the said  conference.