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Sangh Parivar Carried Out Countrywide Bomb Blasts To Win Elections; Ex-RSS Man Tells Court

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday Sep 2, 2022

New Delhi : A former RSS functionary, Yashwant Shinde, has come out incredible testimony -  damning  for  Sangh Parivar and one with scary prospects  for the nation as a whole. Yashwant’s affidavit filed in Maharashtra’s Nanded court says the series of bomb blasts that went off countrywide in early 2000 was in fact handiwork of the RSS. And the twisted motive ? To help BJP win the general elections of 2024.

Yashwant’s affidavit comes as part of his testimony  to help  fetch conviction for those guilty in the deaths of two RSS workers who got killed during bomb-making.

As per Yashwant’s affidavit, senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar was mastermind behind  serial bombings. Back in 1999, Indresh approached Yashwant Shinde asking to find a bunch of boys with fighting spirit. . An 8-member group,  including himself and the two deceased during bomb making, went to Jammu to undergo weapon training, Yashwant said, adding that, the aim of it all was to retain power at the Centre in 2024 elections.

Those guilty in the deaths of two RSS workers in Nanded are the present VHP General Secretary, Milind Pandey, Rakesh Dhawade and Ravi Dev; these are the planners of bomb making and must be brought before law, the affidavit read.

Yaswant opposed  the idea of  bombmaking and planting blasts, the only reason why the coutnry was spared from hundreds of potential explosions, he said. At the time, Yashwant was an active member of RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal.  He had served as RSS Vistarak in 1994 and as its Pracharak in 1996 before being inducted into Bajrang Bajrang Dal in 1999.