27 March Monday

RYF :Leaders Who Went With Shibu For Film Shooting Removed

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Sunday Jan 22, 2023

Kollam : The RYF leaders who accompanieed Shibu baby John for shooting film in Rajasthan have been removed from their office posts in the District Office. Stripped of their positions were District President Sebi Stanlin and Secretary Subhash S Kallada. The action is a fallout of standoff between  AA Aziz - Shibu Baby John faction in RSP. The ousters were effected in an  emergency meeting citing that  the ousted office bearers did not submit leave to the State Committee for their expedition.

The meeting, in presence of  RSP State Secretary AA Azis, was attended by   RYF State President and Secretary Vishnu Mohan. SR Naveen was appointed as the new President and David Xavier  replaced Subhash Kallada.

Mohanlal starrer being currently shot in Rajasthan is a Sbibu Baby John Company production. Shibu has appointed Subhash as an ArtAassistant and Sebi as Production Executive Assistant for the movie. The expelled RYF leaders had taken opposing stand against Aziz during the RSP State Conference.