23 March Thursday

Russia Must Become Willing For Ceasefire In Ukraine; America Focused On Expanding NATO : Yechury

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Thursday Mar 3, 2022

Kochi : In the Russia-Ukraine war, Moscow must become willing for cease fire and herald universal peace , said CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury, speaking at press meet during  party’s State Sammelanam  in Kochi. Indians stranded in Ukraine must be fetched home; Ukraine should not become a member of NATO; U.S. seeks expansion for NATO, added Yechury.

Slamming Congress’s approach, Yechury said, Soft-Hindtva cannot douse  radical Hindutva. Rather,  only  advancement of secular forces can defeat RSS, he added.

Expanding NATO is a goal with the U.S. which seeks to hold up  dominance across the world. The Central govt is not effective in terms of  rescue operations for citizens stuck in Ukraine, said Yechury.

The draft for development presented at State Conference conforms with  party line. The document puts forward proclaimed policies of CPI(M). Higher Education must be modernised.  Kerala alone cannot cast aside the private sector. Across the county,  youth population in increasingly attracted to CPI(M), said Yechury.