01 October Sunday
All vehicles carrying RSS workers are being put on surveillance

RSS Gearing Up For Riots; Armed Demonstrations At 142 Centres

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Wednesday Jan 5, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram :  RSS and SDPI are making headway for statewide riots, informed Intelligence. RSS plans to stage show of strength  at various centres that include SDPI strongholds. With information out, SDPI  is making its own preparations for likely trouble, says Intelligence report. In response, the State DGP instructed all district police chiefs to strictly thwart any attempt toward riots. Following this,  all vehicles ferrying RSS workers are being  put under surveillance.  Any demonstration that crops shall be caught on camera.

The plan for conducting displays across 142 centres, was hatched in secret. The exact venues, participants and leaders too were decided for.   These information was however meant to reach lower  rungs only hours before the actual happening. No  social media platforms or mobiles were to be used to exchange information, the plan having been to  provoke opposite camp with the sudden serial  displays. Preparatins are also being done to last  demonstrations into later hours at certain places. The  whole thing is being orchestrated using as opportunity the murder of BJP leader Ranjith in Alappuzha.

On other hand, SDPI  is preparing to hold alike demonstrations shortly - a move that could likely trigger communal riots, said Intelligence. Given the scenario,  State DGP instructed all district chiefs for high vigil.

RSS plans to conduct demonstrations at 22 centres  in Thrissur alone. Number for other districts are : Thiruvananthapuram 21, Palakkad 19, Alappuzha 12, Malappuram 7, Kannur 11, Kozhikode 9.