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Rs 3 Crores Smuggled In After Kodakkara Incident Too: Rs 1.4 Cr Routed To Pathanamthitta For Campaign Culmination Day

C. A. PremachandranUpdated: Friday Aug 6, 2021

Thrissur :  According to the investigation team, more havala money, at behest of BJP leaders,  sailed into the state on the very day that Kodakkara robbery took place. Roughly Rs .3.5 crores was smuggled in on 3rd and 4th of April, of which Rs 1.4 crore was funneled into Pathanamthitta and Rs 1.5 to Thrissur. Money for poll campaign culmination day arrived in Pathanamthitta on 4th April  - the district  state president K Surendran contested from. The revelation from probe team came about at  Irinjalakuda Judicial First Class Magistrate Court and according to sources, the money robbed mid-way too was also destined for Pathanamthitta.

“Give all money there is at home”
Rs 3.5 crore robbed in Kodakkara was originally meant to be delivered to Alappuzha district treasurer KG Karta, who was to then have it transported to Pathanamthitta. However, following the robbery at Kodakkara, BJP state office secretary  Gireeshan Nair instructed havala agent  Dharmarajan to “give all the money there is at home”. Dharmarajan then reached Rs 1.4 crores to Pathanamthitta. It was handed over to state vice president MS Anil Kumar and Rs 1.5 crore to Thrissur district treasurer Sujayesan. Sujayesan had his friend travel  to Kozhikode to fetch the money.

BJP bad imported Rs 41.4 crores of black money  for Assembly elections of May  this year. Dharmarajan in his testimony stated all money was brought in at instructions of BJP state president K. Surendran. Also, Dharmarajan's phone call records show how BJP leaders were present at all locations at the time when such money deliveries were made.