30 November Tuesday

“Recall Prahaladhan, Don’t Want Position By Worshipping Anyone”; Shoba Surendran Uses Mythological Reference To Criticise K Surendran

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Oct 9, 2021

Kochi : BJP leader Shoba Surendran roped in  mythological reference to criticise K Surendran following her elimination from the party’s National Executive Committee. She asks Surendran to recall Prahladhan and Prahalan from Puranic scriptures whom Hiranyakashappu attacked relentlessly.

In her post on Facebook, Shoba said several great men have proved that one needs no empowerment to be of service to  people. People’s backing is of prime importance in a democratic society, she said.

It would be good for Surendran to bring to mind the tale of Hiranyakashappu who attacked  Prahladhan endlessly and declared that  anyone who does not worship him shall be burned to death, or blown by him storm as would a storm or get thrown into the sea, said Shoba in her post.

(Note : Hiranyakashupu is an asura from Hindu mythology, who constantly tried to kill his son Prahladhan - a devotee of Lord Vishnu. Hiranykashapur subsequently died at hands of a Vishnu avatar, Narasimha, despite the boon of indestructibility he had obtained from Brahma.)