23 September Saturday

Rallies In Support of Secularism At All Locales; Put Up United Resistance : CPI(M)

Web Desk‌Updated: Wednesday Feb 26, 2020

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: CPI(M) Secretariat called for rallies  in support of secularism at all locales in order  to resist communal polarization precipitated by riots.  


The violence unleashed in the national capital is akin to genocide orchestrated in Gujarat years back. There is widespread criticism that Centre-controlled Delhi police, are passive onlookers or complying with rioters in violence that rips through the capital. Wheras governments  across the country and public expect police to crackdown on violence without looking to see faces.


It is a matter of serious concern that there exist these kind of  terror outfits and radical elements,  who wish for such escalated violence. Each individual who truly loves the country, should take care not to invoke communal passions and rather work to restore peace. All those responsible for the bloody rioting, including BJP leaders, should be brought before law.


The govt, police and judiciary should strive to restore the public belief that our country comprises all people who belong here.  Rising above petty politics, all  democratic and secular forces should adopt steps to stop the spread of fear and hate. Except for fundamentalists and  religious terror outfits, all forces must come together to resist perpetration of communal riots, urged CPI(M) Secretariat.