03 December Friday
The govt machinery quickly swung into actions, but unexpected disasters call for more help, said CPI(M) in its statement

Rain Plays Havoc : CPI(M) Calls On All Members To Assist Rescue

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Sunday Oct 17, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : The CPI(M) State Secretariat called on all party members, workers and supporters to join rescue activity in places struck by floods and landslides. The government has set in motion all operations toward disaster management however, unexpected natural calamities require help from outside the official machinery, said CPI(M) in its statement.

Dire conditions currently exist in several parts following landslides and severe rains triggered by sea depressions. Kottayam’s Kuttikkl, Iduki and Kokayar in Idukki have turned up heart-wrenching sights in the aftermath of disasters there. Government-initiated forces swung into action immediately. However, there still remain corners in remote areas that are hard to access. Quick action from locals saved lives for some. According to sources however, there are more people trapped under mud.

People natived here should be available to help technically-equipped professionals  who arrive for rescue. Crops in vast expanses have been destroyed and traffic disrupted. Roads have been damaged. Residents should avoid travel until normalcy is restored.

Although rains have stopped avalanche of mountain waters and overrun riverbanks continue in several places. As these overflows drain into coastal settlements, the situation there could be dire and calls for caution, said CPI(M) Secretariat in its statement.