29 September Friday

Public Who Stood By Congress Turning To Left; State Leadership Leans Toward BJP : A. Vijayaraghavan

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Thursday Sep 9, 2021

 Thiruvananthapuram : Anti-communist stance is sole policy with the Congress, said CPI(M) acting secretary A. Vijayaraghavan. Congress is trying to make up for lack of BJP presence in Kerala. The KPCC president and Opposition leader have a leaning for BJP, said Vijayaraghavan speaking at portest organised by  CPI(M) near GPO to resist the centre’s anti-people policies.

The Congress is unwilling to examine if there might be lapses in its policies that caused the huge election debacle. A large part of the public that backed Congress are increasingly turning to the Left. Unable to put up with the party's antagonistic tactics, large sections of people who pride themselves in the freedom struggle are gravitating  to the Left.

We’ve seen the hardships relating  to  DCC president appointments. It was not so much hard to oust Britishers from India. When will Congress come to realize it is policies that are of supreme importance ?  In their  attempts to destroy communists, they will end up destroying themselves.   Muslim League.has Harita revolution going on  Earlier, the party would throw itself into mediatory role anytime there rose problems inside  Congress. Both of them are anti-communists.

BJP as an establishment has failed to find public acceptance in Kerala. Kerala does not side with Centre’s anti-people stance. CPI(M) as a party takes grave view of each protest that occurs in the country. Public protest toward protecting farmers’ rights are need of the hour – a reason why CPI(M) is organising this protest.

Communists are on the forefront against attacks unleashed by the BJP. CPI(M) takes upon itself that responsibility without any hesitation. There should happen wide public protests in this regard. We should be able to overcome challenges BJP creates often by mobilizing  public, said Vijayaraghavan.