22 June Tuesday

Public Backing Grows: LDF Gains More Votes in 104 Constituencies Than 2016

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday May 8, 2021

Kochi : Poll statistics indicate that LDF’s vote numbers in 2021 Assembly elections is higher than its share  in 2016 – a time when public outrage against UDF stood peaked. LDF secured higher numbers in 104 constituencies compared to its scores in 2016.  In fact, the vote share declined than 2016 in just  36 constituencies. The highest spike in vote gains  was witnessed in Kottayam’s Poonjar, where the  mandate rose to 36398 votes more than five years ago.

In 2016 LDF trailed in 3rd position here but  brought PC George to his knees this time around.. LDF candidate Sebastin Kullathinkal secured a whopping lead of 58,668 votes here.  Five years ago, Democratic Keralam Congress’s PC Joseph had secured  only 22270 votes here.

Idukki’s  Udumbanchola     came 2nd on vote-rise charts  compared to 2016. Here, minister MM Mani won securing 26,568 votes more than his 2016 gain.    LDF got 20,000 votes more than in 2016 in three more constituencies, namely, Kaduthuruti(23,873), Vatoorcauv(20670) and Kalamaserry(20,533). Although UDF held sway over Kalamaserry in last the last times, LDF emerged victor with a huge vote margin.

Other constituencies  where LDF bagged more than 15000 votes compared to the year 2016 are : Chengannur (16,622), Aruvikkara(17,180), Thodupuzha(16,259), Varkala(15,714), Chelakkara(15,644), Chittoor(15,402), Vadakanchery(15,084), Kaduthuruthi, And, though vote  share in Thodupuzha was higher tthan in 2016,  LDF did not make it to  victory there.