23 November Monday

“Did Not Pay Salary Arrears Despite Pleas From Deathbed”, Says Veekshanam Employee in Open Letter to PT Thomas

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Oct 29, 2020


Kochi: Sacked arbitrarily from Veekshanam, photographer Bhupathi had died without being paid his salary arrears despite numerous requests to PT Thomas  from his deathbed, said another former employee, Martin Menocheri,  in an open  letter posted on his Facebook page.

Bhupathi, who  staff photographer with while PT Thomas was  MD,   had Rs 84,000 in salary and other arrears due to him, when he was suddenly asked to leave without apparent reason. Bhupathi had died recently after prolonged ailments of kidney and liver.

When struck with illness, Bhupati had initially met with Congress leaders including Oomen Chandy and  Mullapally Ramachandran directly pleading to be paid with his salary dues. Later when became bedridden and was dying, his relatives too made similar attempts requesting for  salary arrears on his behalf. All leaders  turned a deaf ear to their pleas however. "After meting out such inhumane ordeal, why is   PT Thomas shedding crocodile tears ?," asks Martin.

He concludes the post saying, if PT Thomas had shown a fraction of the zeal he now flaunts  for a CPI(M) family, the Veekshanam employee’s family would have been spared of starvation and suffering.