09 February Thursday

Propaganda Of Govt Taking Away Temple Funds Is Purposeful Malice: CM

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Aug 6, 2022

Thrissur : Propaganda by some that government is spending funds snatched out of temples is deliberate malice, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. The last govt drew Rs 1720 on the state exchequer for funding expansion of  basic facilities across temples. That’s the kind of concern this govt reserves for the Devaswom Board, said CM speaking at online inaugural of the 73rs Anniversary celebrations of the Cochin Devaswom Board.

When natural disasters and Covid shrunk revenues, government came forth with aid to Devaswoms to the tune of 273 crores. It is now being propagated that onus of  running  temples should  be laid on its devotees. It would do good for these persons to think of what might have happened if govt refrained from helping temples when hard times befell and also how the day-to-day expenses including staff salaries are being met.

When temples sat on brink of closure, the priests and other temple workers became faced with starvation. At the time, taking into account their plight and also for being able to sustain temples of the land, there arose popular demand that govt take up running of the temples. Following this,  the Devaswom Board was formed.

It’s not govt policy to perceive temples as just places of worship. Rather, they are also considered as spaces where cultural legacies are exchanged. Also, they are comprehended as workplaces several depend for their living -  the reason why govt comes up with  help for people working. The government function consists of  taking into its care-fold  all sectors of this land. The Cochin Devaswom Board runs and with competence, 406 temples, two higher education  institutions and a number of cultural establishments . We are currently in a phase of endeavouring to transform Kerala into a knowledge economy.

Higher education institutions and establishments are being renovated. Two of Kerala’s noted educational institutions are run by Cochin Devaswom Board and thus, there is big backing expected of the Board  toward the state’s scientific progress. It is heartening to know how the Board is helming humanitarian efforts on the occasion of its 73rd anniversary, said CM. Cochin Devaswom Board president V Nandakumar presided over the function.