05 February Sunday

League A Political Party or Religious Organisation? : CM

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday Dec 10, 2021

Kannur :  Muslim League should come clear on whether it is a political party or religious organisation, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. League isspreading misunderstanding on assigning Waqf appointments to the PSC. The government has no particular insistence on Waqf issue. Even so, if someone were to  claim they are the sole and supreme mouthpiece for the entire community, the argument can’t be accepted. Massive efforts are underway to bipolarise the society, said CM speaking at inaugural of CPI(M) District Meeting in Kannur’s Madayi in prelude to party Congress.

The decision to leave postings to PSC came from the Waqf Board and the government came to be subsequently informed on the decision. Speaking at the Assembly the League MLAs had said that Waqf appointments may be assigned to PSC after retaining those curently employed. So, League on its part,  should clarify whether it is political party at core or a religious organisation, said CM.

Government has already clarified its stand on the issue. There is no adamance in this regard. There are only about a little over 100 posts with Waqf Board and the government is not insistent on how these vacancies should be reported. The religious organisations are convinced about this.  The League is not. Now, what is Leage ? It is essentially a political party. If the Muslim strength in our sate be examined up close, the League can see the side by which the Muslims stand. In the Muslim-dominated distarict of Malappuram, the charts point to rising  LDF sway.. That’s the change happening.

The claim of being  supreme authority for a religion cannot be accepted. Various religious organisations shall be spoken for.  to find a solution. They have no worries on the issue. Jifri Thangal from the largest Muslim organisation of Samastha too has no anxiety. Abubacker Musaliar too is fairly convinced. And if it is only League that cannot be convinced, why should one care ? Let Indian Union Muslim League do what it likes. That would not pose to be a  problem, said CM.