20 May Friday

Runaway Incident At Kozhikode Children's Home : 2nd Girl Found In Karnataka, Hunt On For Remaining 4

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Friday Jan 28, 2022

Bengaluru : Police retrieved one more of the six girls gone missing on Wednesday from Kozhikode Children’s Home. One landed in the police net  Thursday.  The latest to be tracked was found from Mandya in Karnataka where she was caught onboard a bus to Kerala.

The conductor had been provided with the missing girl’s number. When the girl boarded in,  the conductor placed a call and watched her attend it. He then informed the girl’s mother who informed the police. To the police who reached to take her, the girls said rest from the group had headed to Goa.

With this, there remains four more on the run. The girl caught today is being transported to Kozhikode. She will be questioned upon arrival, after which  the police will produce her before the court.

Backdrop : Six girls from Children’s Home in Vellimadukunnu, Kozhikode made their way out of the premises using a ladder they leaned against a corner of the building. The incident took place shortly after Republic Day celebrations at the Home. After the escape, the girls are said to have borrowed money from people along their way to sustain themselves.