17 August Wednesday

PK Basheer Uses Racist Slur Against MM Mani; Outrage On Social Media

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Thursday Jun 23, 2022

Kalpetta : Muslim League leader, PK Basheer uses   racial slur in his description of  MM Mani. In his  disgraceful address at a League congregation in Wayanad, Basheer said:”He(CM) has fear of  black; He has fear  of purdah(veil). And, my fear is, what will happen when MM Mani turns up at the State Committee. His eyes and mouth are black after all..” Basheer was speaking at a convention commemorating tour of Muslim league State President Panakkad Sadiqh Ali Shihab Thangal to Wayanad.

Social media is rife with outrage against Basheer, the League leader and MLA from  Ernad.  Ministers V Sivankuty and K Radhakrishnan reacted to the remarks. Not black, not white, Mani Ashaan is red.. wrote  Sivankutty on his FB post.