13 July Monday

"Strength Drawn From My Mother Is Pillar of Political Life " - CM’s FB Post on Mother’s Day

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Sunday May 10, 2020

 Thiruvananthapuram : Today on Mother’s Day, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan shares  memories of  mother on Facebook page

 The FB Post


“Like with most people, mother has been a strong influence in my life. My father’s illness and early demise put the onus of family on my mother’s shoulders. And, with courage and determination, she fulfilled each of those responsibilities. Kalyani had lost 11  of the 14 children she delivered and  I was the youngest of sons. Even amid distressed circumstances, she gave me school education. “Educate up to failing in a class” the teacher had said, and my mother stood steadfast by that advice.



Reading text lessons aloud to mother is how I grew on the reading habit. And that habit proved to be the biggest asset in my political career. The strength imparted from mother became pillar to my political life. Reserving  this day and thoughts for mother would but bring  comfort to those faced with struggle and hardship.


We must each find the exceptional strength to battle the ongoing crisis and move on. So long as we have the memories of our mothers with us, we don’t have to go looking for  models of steadfastness and sacrifice elsewhere.


I recall my mother with utmost gratitude on this special Mother’s day. I offer my thanks to all mothers out there as well. Holding sacrifice, kindness and courage – the enduring forms of motherhood – close to our hearts, let us come together and tide over hard time we are faced with now.”