27 June Monday

Periya Murder : CBI’s Well-spun Tale

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Dec 4, 2021

Kozhikode : CBI that failed to come up on any more evidence than the state police, has submitted before court a tale fashioned by Congress. Listed on the agency’s culprits list are CPI(M) leaders for impression sake that  it found new dimensions to the case before the 4-month time sanctioned by court expired.

The new theory names Left leaders including District Secretariat member and former Uduma MLA KV Kunjiraman. CBI is hooked to the ingredient that it will not catch media light if there be no at least one veteran leader on books. Kunjiraman has been arraigned as 20th accused by falsely alleging that, on night after the murder the culprit arrested by police was forcibly freed from custody and sent into hiding.

Incidentally, that is a tale the CBI picked  from story propagated by Congress through some media. Some  witnesses named by Crime Branch in its report  have been placed on list of accused by the CBI, based on versions provided by some Congress leaders and their families.

Failing to find evidence, the CBI also staged the minutes book seizure drama at CPI(M) party office. Later faced with question if a murder would be carried out after first recording it in the minutes book, the CBI drew a blank. The 15th accused is Kallyode Surendran who once used to be a Congress worker and left the party to join CPI(M) fed up by attacks it launched.

The deceased Sharathlal had attacked Surendran several times barging into latter’s home and CBI in their wild theory allege that he was somehow involved in the murder, for  revenge over those attacks.

The prime suspect Pithambaran is accused because he had phoned Surendran,  although CBI themselves have verified  he was not present in Peria at the time of murder. The CBI story on 17th accused  Raji Varghese goes that  he provided the iron rod used in the incident. The accusation is based on speculation that Raji being and electrician and plumber, was likely to have such items in his possession.

With regard to Haridas and P Rajesh who are anyway arraigned as 18th and 19th accused respectively, there is no evidence howsoever remote.