20 April Tuesday

Peingulam Murder Unfortunate: Culprits Should Be Tracked Via Fair Investigation : MV Jayarajan

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Apr 7, 2021

Peringulam, KANNUR: The murder of Muslim League worker Manzoor  in Peringulam’s Mukkil Peedika  is  indeed unfortunate, said CPI(M) District Secretary MV Jayarajan at a press conference in Kannur. The killing was not a pre-meditated one. Rather, the clash that followed attack on CPI(M) workers in booth no. 150 led to the unfortunate murder/ And, although the  death happened owing to clashes initiated by the League, it should never have happened., said Jayarajan.

 League workers beat up CPI(M) worker, C Damodaran, as he escorted an elderly women returning home after voting. And when DYFI Peringulam Area committee members who rushed to Damodaran’s aid, the League workers confronted and beat them too. Both sides sustained serious injuries in the clash. On Tuesday night 7 pm, League workers abducted DYFI Area Committee member Shanoz to their office and thrashed him badly.

There too, the League workers clashed with DYFI youth who arrived to rush Shanoz to the hospital and the unfortunate murder took place during this conflict. This kind of incident has played out even as election in Kannur was a largely peaceful affair.

League enjoys brutal majority in Mukkil Peedika. People voting for LDF are rather sparse here. Two League workers in the area are booked for attacking CPI(M) workers during local body elections. Nobody will believe the claim that LDF organised violence here. Not withstanding all these, there cannot be a justification for murder. A fair and unbiased investigation should be launched to trace the culprits.

Political leaderships made conscious interventions to keep polls peaceful in Kannur. As a result, conflicts were rather low this time. All parties have cooperated toward this. There will be collective effort to work for peace and CPI(M) will take lead in this respect,  said MV Jayarajan.