27 June Monday

PC George’s Arrest A Routine Action : Kodiyeri

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Thursday May 26, 2022

Kochi : Speaking with media in Kochi, CPI(M) State Secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said PC George’s arrest in context of communal hate speech is only a routine action, adding that,  the government has had no kind of adamance or vengeful approach in this regard

Matters let on in his speech is something that should never have occurred on part of a political leader of PC George’s stature.  The references he made are potentially inciteful of religious  hatred and capable of destroying Kerala’s communal  harmony, said Kodiyeri.

No one can blurt out just about anything they wish. Getting child to sloganeer at Popular Front rally was another instance of similar fashion.  The child was shouting whatever was taught to him. Two have been arrested in that incident. It is indication the government has no animosity or anything in particular against anyone, said Kodiyeri.