23 March Thursday

Palakkad BJP Worker Arrested With 110 Kg Ganja In Andhra Pradesh

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Aug 3, 2022

Palakkad ; An active local BJP worker from Palakkad was arrested in Andhra Pradesh for possession of drugs. Nabbed in Andhra Pradesh’s Tuni is 30-year-old Raj, a resident of Karakkad street in Palakkad’s Kotumbkarinkara, who at the time of arrest was traveling in a car with  110 kilos of ganja and gang members.

Two fellow passengers, both Andhra natives, were  arrested in the incident. A fourth accomplice, a Marutha road resident from Karakkad, managed flee on foot and the Andhra police have sought assistance from Palakkad South police to nab the escapee.