04 June Sunday

Oppn Leader Has Spine Pawned With RSS; Only Photo-shoot Protests Against BJP: Min Mohammed Riyas

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Thursday Mar 16, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram : Opposition Leader VD Satheesan has pawned his spine with RSS, said Minister Mohammed Riyas. There’s is no use of namesake photshoot protests.  Having to show newspaper cutting of protest indicates the Opposition leader’s desperation, the minister said.

Unable to come up with answers to political questions, the Oppn. Leader is resorting to personal attacks on ministers and he expects everybody to take it with a nod.  The ministers of Kerala are not tail-waggers to do that.  Satheesan’s self-importance is of no value. What found no takers inside the Party  will not headway with me. Only four MLAs said VD Satheesan must become the Opposition Leader. He still assumed office. Satheesan has a lot of luck, jibed  Minister Riyas.