01 October Sunday
State leadership is persuading High Command that efforts are on to sabotage rehaul and strengthen groupism instead

Oomen Chandy In Delhi; In Talks With High Command: Do Not Yield, Says Sudhakaran and Satheesan

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Wednesday Nov 17, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram :  Congress leader Oomen Chandy is in talks with High Command in Delhi, the immediate agenda being to have  party reorganisation process halted in  Kerala. Soon after Oomen Chandy set out for the meeting, the state leadership announced there will be no stopping of party rehaul – a stand that has  escalated fights  within Congress. In the meet up on Wednesday, Oomen Chandy will array before the central leadership each unilateral act on part of the new state leadership.  Subsequently, Ramesh Chennithala  too will meet the High Command  with much the same set of accusations.

KPCC president is  adamant not  to  buckle under pressure from Oomen Chandy and  Ramesh Chennithala. VD Satheesan said there was go-ahead signal received to continue reorganisation process,  after Oomen Chandy met with AICC General Secretary in-charge of Kerala, Tariq Anwar – a statement indicating there was no hesitation for an open fight if need be. The decision is to finalise criteria for reorganisation at the upcoming  state camp scheduled  24 and 25th.

Meanwhile, Sudhakaran rubbished explanation offered  by Oomen Chandy’s close aide and former KPCC Secretary, MA Latif.  General Secretaries TU Radhakrishnan and Adv PM Niyas were tasked with further probe of Latif – a clear signal on uncompromising stature assumed by   K Sudhakaran and VD Satheesan. In a loud message that, criticism will not be tolerated,  Sudhakaran is smoothing out strategy for Latif’s  ouster. The plan is to  overhang sword of discipline and cause drain on  A, I groups. Sensing the gameplan,  Oomen Chandy and Chennithala is attempting to hit  back via   Sonia Gandhi. Incidentally,  moves by K Sudhakaran and VD Satheesan are  fortified by KC Venugopal.

Oomen Chandy’s visit to Delhi does not surprise state leadership, which  seems convined that  Oomen Chandy and Chennithala will not find favour from the High Command. The plan is to  have KC Venugopal convince High Command that much of their moves are aimed to sabotage party reorganisation in the state and strengthen group[ politics instead. The groups and the new state leadership are looking to see what Sonia’s stand would be.  If she approves for reorganisation to sail ahead, groups are bound  to swing into  full-fledged combat mode.