27 March Monday

"Oomen Chandy Being Denied Proper Medical Treatment”; Relatives Including Brother Urge CM To Intervene

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Monday Feb 6, 2023

Thiruvananthauram : Close relatives, including brother,  of former Chief Minister Oomen Chandy, submitted request  to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan complaining  that the Congress veteran was being denied proper treatment owing to which  his condition was deteriorating every minute and further urged that CM urgently intervene and ensure the  best care possible,  The New Indian Express reported.

The folks decided to approach  CM after the Chandy's family disallowed   relatives, including his own brother, from seeing him at his Jagathy residence in Thiruvananthapuram.  In their letter to  the Chief Minister and Health Minister Veena George, the relatives said that Oomen Chandy required urgent medical attention and that every passing moment was precious. The letter was signed by Chandy's younger brother Alex V Chandy.

The New Indian Express claimed it had a copy of the relatives’ letter that said “It is shame to the State to have a veteran leader like Oomen Chandy denied of needed medical care”.

The letter alleges that up on returning from medical procedure  in Bengaluru in Jan, no follow-up treatment was administered to Chandy.  The letter further urges CM to form a medical experts team to recommend further course of treatment.

Meanwhile Oomen Chandy, in a Facebook post said, he regretted there has been baseless news from certain quarters resulting in gross misunderstanding.

My family and Party are ensuring the best possible treatment under modern medicine for me. I and my family have a clear understanding of my illness and its treatment. Therefore hurtful propaganda, that should never happen against anyone, should be put to an end.

The malicious propaganda currently doing rounds is causing great pain to me and my family.  I am still engaged in active work.  The tiredness from medicines I take, has its toll on my body. All propaganda, other than that,  is baseless.

My medical treatment is the best in the world. Therefore, I request to those who might have consciously or unwittingly engaged in these propaganda to put an end to it, said  Oomen Chandy in the CB post.