27 September Monday
BPL card holders will additionally receive sharkaravaretti and coconut chips in their kit

Onam Kit Distribution Begins Tomorrow

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Friday Jul 30, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : Government’s free  Onam kit distribution will commence tomorrow. Minister GR Anil will inaugurate the festive kit distribution at Edapazhanji ration shop 8.30 am Saturday. Like in months up to now, the order of distribution for the different categories will be as follows : AAY, Priority Card, Non-priority with subsidy and Non-priority without subsidy.

The kit for Onam will contain : 1 kg  sugar, ½ kg   coconut oil, ½  kg   green gram, 250 gm yellow lentils(tuvara) , 100 gm tea powder, 100 gm turmeric powder, 1 kg salt,180 gm vermicelli(semiya), 180 gm palada, 500 gm payasam rice, 50gm cashewnuts, 1 pkt cardamom(eleka), 50  ml ghee, 100 gm sharkara varetti(sweet), coconut chips, 1 kg wheat flour(aatta), 1 bath soap, 1 cloth bag.   Sharkara varetti and coconut chips shall be given only to BPL card holders.