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Volunteers should sense requirements of those reluctant to ask

No One In Kerala Shall Be Starved; Govt To Open Community Kitchens; Food Delivery On Call : CM

Web Desk‌Updated: Thursday Mar 26, 2020

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM : Allaying fears of adverse impact the prolonged lockdown could have on lives, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said, while restrictions are important in current conditions,  the wellbeing of people is top priority with the govt.


The govt cater to  peoples’ requirement of food, essential commodities,  medicines and medical needs, the minister said.  All this cannot be administered from a single point. Therefore the govt will lay down a well-coordinated supply chain across the State for the purpose, CM added.


Volunteers shall be appointed at ward-level. Efforts are on to involve greater numbers of citizens with affinity for social work. However, it will not be turned into an avenue to pitch  brand or any particular organisation, CM said.


Community kitchens will be opened under aegis of local self bodies. Panchayats and corporations shall be canvassed to find the numbers of people who require food services. Food as per such estimate s will be prepared and subsequently delivered. Phone numbers will be publicised for people to dial for food. The local self body shall ensure the callers’ needs are met.


The onus is on  local self bodies to find cooks for the purpose. Delivery persons should be determined on practical basis. Those doing the deliveries should follow safety guidelines.



The length of lockdown and restrictions that come with it, hold potential to starve many. But that should not happen to any individual in Kerala. There might be reluctance on part of some to seek help. Aid in form of food or other essentials should be provided sensing their need in such cases.


Rice in large quantities are being distributed to those on the priority list. That will continue. 15 kg of free rice will also  be given to those outside that list. The govt is also mulling to provide free kit of provisions and other essentials. No person or family in farfetched places should face starvation on account of lockdown conditions. The govt has issued special directions to take care of those under distress from medical conditions too.


Local self bodies have been instructed to deliver cooked food to those under isolation in their homes. The district administration should pay special attention to this segment.


The govt shall ensure food for patients and their bystanders using catering system present inside hospital premises. Instructions have been issued at DMO level to oversee this. Steps would be initiated to keep steady supply of drugs for kidney and cancer patients.


The Health Department and officials from Health Wing at local self bodies should ensure hygienic conditions and quality at community kitchens. They should also take care to have the cooks and other workers checked for medical conditions, said CM.