21 March Tuesday

No Need To Rope In CBI; Petition Against Saji Cherian Dismissed

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Jan 18, 2023

Kochi : The High Court on Wednesday dismissed petition seeking CBI probe against Saji Cherian.  Seeking CBI to look into  the Mallapilli speech incident is childish, the court observed, adding that the plaintiff may approach the Magistrate Court with Objection Petition against the Refer report submitted by the investigation team.

Earlier the Division Bench at High Court had  refused to disqualify MLA Cherian over alleged remarks against the Constitution.  The Police Investigation Report said Cherian did not speak in contempt of the Constitution, adding that, there appeared no need for any follow-up action in that regard.  The plea seeking CBI probe was filed in the wake of the report.