28 September Thursday

No Need To Investigate Solar, Insists Chandy Oomen; Says, Unsure Who To Believe In Joppan’s Arrest

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Sep 18, 2023

Kochi : In stark contrast to Opposition Leader VD Satheesan’s demand, Chandy Oomen insists there is no need to further investigate Solar case.

Everybody knows who caused all the trouble with regard to Solar case. It’s a closed chapter now, said Chandy, adding  this was only his personal view and that final take on this will come from the Congress leadership. The remarks came in an interview Chandy gave to The New Indian Express.

‘I do not know if VD Satheesan’s account of how Joppan was arrested is true or what KC Joseph claims is right. I never discussed the topic with my father. Even otherwise, how is it compulsory that I ask him everything? Besides, it was not necessary every question will be answered for, “ said Chandy Oomen. In his interview carefully dodged questions on TG Nandakumar’s revelation that former Home Ministers were involved in the conspiracy.

On other fronts, Chandy said Achu would never enter politics - a decision that entirely personal, he said. When asked if  it were not problems between Congress and the UDF that led to Solar scam, Chandy said Kairali TV was first to report it and that the arrests made in CM’s office was sensationalised.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan chartered a special flight to visit Oomen Chandy last October. CM showed  keen interest to learn of his health condition and even after that, called up off and on to inquire on Oomen Chandy’s health, said Chandy Oomen.

When prompted on why Oomen Chandy was not treated under modern medical system, Chandy said, it was the family’s prerogative to decide what course of treatment to avail. Oomen Chandy has written in his diary that he did not wish to go for treatment in West Germany, Chandy added.