04 June Sunday

No More Wait Time For House Building ; Permit To Be Issued Immediately on Application: Min MB Rajesh

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Thursday Mar 23, 2023

Thiruvanthapuram   It has been decided  to issue construction  permits at all municipality and corporations, as  soon as application for the same  is received, said  Local Self-government Minister MB Rajesh.. The new system  will apply for small scale constructions up to 300 sq. meter (3229.17 sq ft) for houses and other structures. The quick issuance system will be operational from 1 April.  Permits shall be issued against self-attested applications.

The new system, that cuts out multiple level checks and other bottlenecks,  will resolve the long wait period that impedes  home building and will also eliminate corruption. The system will be first implemented at Corporations and Municipalities, and later extended to  Gram Panchayats  in retrospect of its working in cities and towns.

Online application are to be submitted  attached with affidavit by the building owner and  licensee/ empaneled engineers who will prepare the building plan and supervise the construction. That done, the system generated permit will be issued on the very same day of application.  With regard to constructions sought on  coastal stretches or wetlands , an affidavit affirming total compliance to Coastal Management Act and the Wetland Protection Act  must be submitted alongside the  application. In such cases, the permit shall be issued if all information contained is  considered genuine and lawful.  Even so, if it be  found at a later time that facts mentioned were falsified, the property will likely undergo demolition at the owner’s expense. Also, such cases would result in cancellation of license for the empaneled agencies involved.

The  inspection by officials for obtaining permits for small scale constructions will thus be completely eliminated in the new system.  That will leave the Engineering department to focus on more important projections and functions.   It has also been decided to carry out an extensive awareness campaign with regard to building construction that complies with rules.

People’s time is valuable. Time lost means oss of money. Timely service is important for economic growth. This is the vision government has in ushering in comprehensive change intp the system, the  minister said, adding that  the state government is implementing a wide range of programs to bring building of Nava Keralam into all aspects of people’s lives.