04 June Sunday

No Fear of ED Action; ED in Kerala in Tie-up With Congress: MV Govindan

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Mar 1, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram : There no fear of  ED action at all.  ED in Kerala is in  tie-up with the Congress, It’s display of this alliance that's playing out in the Assembly, said CPI(M) State Secretary MV Govindan, speaking at  a press conference at Malappuram’s Azhikode, on sidelines of CPI(M) Janakeeya Prathirodha Jatha(People’s Resistance Rally).

Saying ED remand repor, is not scary to us.  This kind of report hhas happened in Delhi too. And what came of it ? Didn’t Sonia Gandhi and Rahul dismiss it saying it was   politically motivated? We have just one stand on this.

Congress’s national leadership says ED investigations are  political revenge. However here in Kerala, the Congress MLAs, the Opposition Leader and KPCC President do not share that view owing to their anti-communism standpoint. As there is no thickness in lap here, we are not afraid this either,  taunted MV Govindan.

Raise oil prices as you please - that’s what Centre tells  the companies. Hike was a permanent phenomenon and has been upped yet again. All of it is  for the Adanis, Amabanis and monopoly families. Helping them is what Modi government does. Isn’t it Congress that vested the price-fixing powers with oil companies. The Modi govt now enhances that as it pleases.

That the social security pensions will disappear or that, several will get excluded, is false propaganda. The government has given the Agricultural Workers Pension Board one month more within which to restore memberships by remitting membership return arrears and fines. That extension ends on  31 March.

The government will make interventions with regard to time limit for the social security pensioners for  submitting  their income certificates. The government agencies should exercise vigil so pensions are not denied merely on account of not producing income certificates. Kerala, with population of 3.5 crores, has 62 lakh people receiving social security pensions. The Reserve Bank itself  said  how  Kerala is the only State that pays varied kinds of pensions to 78 percent of ages above 60.

Land will be made available to all and title deed provided. The LIFE  Mission lights up dream of  lakhs wishing for a home of their own. The target in 2023 -24 is to build  71,861 houses and 30 flat complexes as part of LIFE Mission, MV Govindan told reporters.