03 December Friday
Kakki dam opening has set Pampa rising

No Darshan At Sabarimala; More Rains Forecast From 20th : Minister K Rajan

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Monday Oct 18, 2021

Pathanamthitta : More rains are predicted starting Wednesday owing to which it would not be possible to allow pilgrim entry for Thula pooja at Sabarimala this time, said Minister K Rajan. The decision came about following opening of the Kakki dam that has set Pampa rising. Also, IMD issued fresh forecasts for more rains from 20th to 24th. Evacuations are being carried out in risky settlements after opening of Kakki shutters., the minister said.

Only 10 percent of water  drained  last time is being relieved from Kakki currently. Distorted messages are circulating on social media, and  that can potentially lead to danger, said the minister in response to a media query, adding that, peddling of such misinformation should be ended.