29 June Wednesday

No Blackouts For Kerala; State To Buy Electricity @ Rs 20 Per Unit

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Apr 30, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram :  To resolve power crisis arising from ineptness of the Central government, Kerala will purchase power at higher cost to ensure electricity for its residents. Added quantum of 250 mega watts shall be purchased at Rs 20 per unit up to 31st of  May. Nallanam Diesel plant started operations in Kozhikode and will generate 90 mega watts electricity lasting two days. The plant has stocks to function for 10 hours. Fuel to the tune of Rs 4 crores has been ordered.

Although NTPC in Kayamkulam had been approached for, it will be another 45 days before it commences operations. Meanwhile, NTPC has been asked to purchased required amount of Nafta for the purpose.

KSEB Chairperson B Ashok said power curbs in the state shall be withdrawn after 3 May. Curbs will need to be in place for Saturday and on 3rd of May as well. There could be a shortage by 400 mega watts, the Chairperson added.

Indications are, the current coal shortage situation will last as far as October. To makeup for power deficit,  KSEB board would incur a daily added expense between one to one-and-half crore rupees. This will stack to Rs 50 crores in added liability, the chairperson said.