03 October Tuesday

No Arrest : Instead, Y-Category Security For Riots Motivator Kapil Mishra

Web Desk‌Updated: Tuesday Mar 3, 2020

NEW DELHI : In an outrageous development, the Centre has accorded Y-category security for Kapil Mishra, the BJP man whose inflammatory call for face-off  with peaceful protesters led to deadly violence in Delhi last week. The State protection has been assigned in response to Mishra’s letter wherein he indicates threats to his life in current circumstances.

 Incidentally, the move comes amid public outcry and petitions with Supreme Court, demanding Mishra’s arrest for instigating violence that left 42 dead and hundreds  injured. The petitions filed in the top court also indicts other BJP leaders including Anurag Rakul, Abhay Verma and  Parvesh Verma.

Late  on 23 February evening BJP leader Kapil Mishra addressed a gathering at Maujpur in favour of the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA). During the course of his hate speech, he called on the like-minded gathering and people in the region to target people who protested against CAA. In an ultimatum, Mishra said he would observe restraint for three days in view of US President’s visit to the capital, and would become ‘unstoppable’ after that. However, the call for targeted violence took off even as Trump, his family and team of delegates were camped a short distance away.

Clashes began as Mishra and followers took matters  into their hands and attacked anti-CAA protesters  to remove them from their venues including Shaheen Baug.  Violence escalated and arson, loot and lynching ripped through north east Delhi  leaving bloodied trail and smoking structures in its aftermath. The riots triggered exodus of minorites from the capital and hundreds have been left in the lurch with everything lost -  homes, houses, shops, offices, livelihood  and some their loved ones too.