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New Scheme Coming For Those Left Out Of Life Mission : CM

Web Desk‌Updated: Thursday Jan 23, 2020

KANNUR : A new list, comprising those eligible but left out of  LIFE Mission project owing to technical issues, shall be prepared shortly to launch the next scheme, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. There is no need for worry over it,  the minister said in Kannur at the inaugural of a district-level meeting of beneficiaries to the  completed housing units under LIFE Mission.

There exist three types of beneficiaries under the LIFE. First comprise those who have availed the scheme before  but never actually benefited, owing to construction halting mid-way. This is the priority category and has around 54,183 persons on its list. Over 96 percent of the homes pertaining to this category are now ready for allotment, said  Pinarayi.

Those with land but no home of their own form  the second type . 91,147 beneficiaries belong to this category of whom, 66.3 percent or 60, 524 people have their homes ready for handover.

The third phase is meant for those who have neither land nor a home. Over one lakh people have registered in this category and land for building them  homes, has been marked.  Tenders for the complexes too have been finalised. The govt is mulling to engage pre-fabrication technology to speed up construction works. Building plan for their 56 complexes are nearly ready. The works are expected to commence in February, CM said.

Centre’s housing project too is now part of LIFE Mission, Pinarayi said. Life Mission comprises all governmental housing schemes including those under PMAY and those meant for fish workers and scheduled tribe from their respective departments. If Centre were to release its funds in a lump sum, the construction activities could be completed at an early time. However, certain officials are keen on outlining Centre’s scheme separately, CM said.

Centre’s contribution to PMAY is limited to Rs 72,000 per unit while the rest of Rs 2,80,000 is paid jointly by the State Government and local self-government bodies of Kerala. In urban projects, the Centre pays only  Rs 1.5 lakh  per house while remaining Rs 2.5 lakh is shelled out by the State government. If a name has to be spelt out in distinction,  would it be not then appropriate to name the bigger contributor ? he asked.  

The mega housing project does not go by anyone’s name. It is to be viewed as part of LIFE Mission and the officials should have no trouble to perceive it that way, said  Chief Minister. Minister EP Jayarajan presided over the function.