27 September Monday
Amit Shah refused to meet with Surendran in Delhi

National Leadership Gives Up On K Surendran; Party Shamed, Feel Leaders At Centre

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Jun 14, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : Spiting  internal  opponents incessantly and ruling the party with dictatorial decisiveness, the BJP’s state president K Surendran  ended up digging his own political grave.  During his 4-day tripp to Delhi, Surendran languished without being able to meet with Amit Shah and instead incurred rebuke from several seniors before returning to Thiruvananthapuram. BJP central leadership summoned to Delhi party presidents from all states that suffered electoral setback. Post the election fiasco, K Surendran managed to retain his post owing to  Union Deputy Minister V Muraleedharan persuasion efforts with  seniors at the centre.

However, trouble on other counts was brewing up on the other side and more evidences emerged in the havala case and the Rs 10 lakh-bribery incident. In a latest, JRP treasurer Praseetha came out with voice recording where Surendran is caught telling CK Janu he was roaming with Rs 10 lakhs for some time. Police also received other incriminating evidences in the bribery case. With complications climaxing, leaders at the centre reportedly their dissatisfaction over letting Surendran  retain  the top job. The Krishnadas faction empasised  K Surendran cannot continue much more. In fact, the faction held a parallel meeting on the topic.

Surendran Expected Delayed Pace
K Surendran and V Muraleedharan calculated delayed action hoping for the former to meet with  Amit Shah in Delhi and buy more time. However Shah refused to lend an audience. Hoping to start with tree-felling controversy, Surendran then attempted to see Prakash Javedkar, only to be turned down and he came under scathing criticism  from BJP’s national president JP Nadda and national organisation secretary BL Santhosh.

Amit Shah Irked
Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are both enraged over the election debacle and embezzlement of election funds. The leadership asked why, despite draining hundreds of crores, the party ended up losing even its sitting seat. Amit Shah collected his own intel outside party settings. E Sreedharan, Jacob Thomas, CV Anand Bose and others provided inputs to  to Shah following which,  national president JP Nadda summoned K Surendran to Delhi and gave him an earful.  The central leadership is reportedly gathering more details on ongoing allegations and is expected to effect state leadership change post analysis.