02 June Friday

National Highway Expansion: K Surendran Spinning Sabotage - Min Muhammad Riyas

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Mar 28, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram : BJP state president K Surendran is spinning sabotage to the development works that will pave six lanes for national highways  from Kasaragod Thiruvananthapuram, said Public Works Minister Muhammad Riyas. . The State Government is doing a commendable job by making  interventions where necessary to  smoothen  the national highway development works of Centre. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and National Highways Authority have appreciated the State government over this. However , K Surendran   just can't grasp it, said Riyas at a press conference.  It is Surendran’s hypocrisy  that makes him call  the State government “8-legged mamoonj (a false credits taker)” who has not contributed a single naya paisa. Centre’s allocation t is not charity to State, rather, it is Kerala’s right, said Riyas.

The State government  has said before  it will  bear 25 percent of the land acquisition costs toward  national highway development. The State government has a  major role to play in highway expansions.  It is  the State government that coordinates  activities of materials handling, geology, forest and power departments. A review meeting is conducted every month. Some pf these are  chaired by the Chief Minister himself. Surendran is blinded to all this, the minister said. 

Recently a national news media had compared Karnataka with Kerala in context of national highway development. It said, while Karnataka moves at snail’s pace, Kerala’s leap is exemplary.  This is owing to interventions made by the State govt, said Riyas.
Things are handled competently here for the benefit of all people including Surendran. However, what Surendran attempts is to throw up lies and sabotage these efforts, the minister said.