24 October Sunday
Kodakkara case if probed fairly might extend to Modi, said Muraleedharan

Must Probe If Surendran Transported Funds In Helicopter: K Muraleedharan

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Jun 5, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram :Congress leader K Muraleedharan called for probe into K Surendran’s helicopter trips during election days,  with suspicions now emerging that the chopper might have been a cunning strategy to ferry illegal funds by evading vehicle checks on road. Surendran contested from two places, a dubious move in itself, said Muraleedharan. Helicopter costs should be included in the candidate’s election spend, he added.

Did Surendran pay rentals for the helicopter ? The Election Commission(EC) should also look up what destinations he travelled to in those days. Also to be investigated is helicopter usage by other BJP men including Thrissur candidate Suresh Gopi, said Muraleedharan.

Many in BJP circles say there was Rs 3 crore allotted to each party candidates for election. However, most candidates say they  received only between Rs 15 – 30 lakhs in their hand. BJP funneled crores of rupees at each place it contested. Modi and Shah were not interested to mitigate covid, rather, their focus lay on somehow taking over West Bengal – a goal for which they drained crores of rupees, said Muraleedharan.

People coming up with criticisms on Kodakkara probe are individuals who are themselves involved in the case. If the investigations were to run its fair course, it might extend to Narendra Modi. A judicial probe is essential for case, said K Muraleedharan.