02 February Thursday

Internal Clash : Armed League Workers Break Into Party Senior Leader’s House; Thrash Him and Younger Brother Brutally

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Sep 10, 2020



Kuttiyadi :  Muslim League workers faced off with one of their own at Vellam Panchayat in Kozhikode’s Kuttiyadi. Two persons , senior leader  AD Ahmed Haji(55) from  Vallakettu and his brother AD Salam(40) sustained serious injuries in the clash. The incident took place on Wednesday.

According to Ahmed Hajji, over 100 Youth League workers led by MA Kunjabudllah - an office bearer at the League Panchayat there - broke into his residence in Kakuni at 8.20 pm last night, thrashing him and his younger brother Salam using lethal weapons.

The violence revolves around strong opposition  Vallam panchayat president VK Abdullah faces in the locality.  When he recently returned to the panchayat office from leave advised by the League state committee, there were demonstrators  staging protests in front of the gate following which, the League’s District Committee asked VK Abdullah to stay off the office for the time being.

Trouble began when, at a meeting held Wednesday at the League office in Kuttiyadi, the party workers pushed MA Kunjabdullah - a supporter of VK Abdullah - out of their discussions on the issue. The police have initiated a probe into the incident.