02 February Thursday

In Saying They Will Fill NRC Forms, League Seeks To Sway BJP Votes; Absence of Guruvayur Candidate Not A Coincidence : Pinarayi

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Sunday Mar 28, 2021

Kozhikode: New declarations from Muslim League leaders are aimed to rope in  BJP votes, said Chief Minister  Pinarayi Vijayan. CM was responding to Guruvayur League candidate KNA Khadar’s announcement that Muslim League will take lead to fill out National Register of Citizens(NRC), forms when the law is implemented.

Not so coincidentally, it is in Guruvayur that BJP has no candidate of its own and it is hard to believe that happened by chance or some mistake, said CM, adding that, the League candidate is now displaying party’s endeavour  to flip BJP votes to its side.

"As BJP and RSS attempt to foster communalism in state , Congress and BJP are acting in a manner that says why should you while we’re here to do that ? When the Kerala Legislative Assembly passed resolution against implementing NRC, KNA Khadar had backed the decision. It is thus apparent that his changed stand is meant to cash in on BJP votes in the area.

Where has League’s stand and honesty gone is something that remains to be seen. The law that discriminates citizens  has created much panic around the  country. Things had  worsened to a level where Sangh Parivar leaders openly called for shooting down people should they protest to save their rights.

The govt hounds persons who  oppose the dangerous law that would split the country. Amid all these, BJP-ruled states are preparing to set up detention camps reminiscent of concentration camps . Persons now announcing they will fill NRC forms would  not hesitate to stand guard at such detention centres.

Khadhar’s proclamation is a very inappropriate one. It goes show that League will do just anything to secure votes, said CM at a press meet on Sunday.