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Suhail took vehicles on lease and used them for robbery

Youth League Leader Culprit In Ramanattukkara Gold Robbery

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Jun 29, 2021

Suhail's party ID card

Malappuram : Youth League leader, KT Suhail is fugitive in Ramanattukara gold robbery case. The 29-year-old is Muslim League White Guard Pattambi Mandalam captain and went into hiding soon after the incident.

In the case, Pattambi native Safwan too is eluding police and is  again a  White Guard worker . Both Safwan and Suhail were part of the robbery gang that arrived at Ramanattukara. On learning of  arrests of other gang members, the pair abandoned their car in Chre\upullasserry and went into hiding.

 Suhail handled the gang’s logistics, taking vehicles on lease and re-renting them. These leased vehicles are often used in robbery and abandoned when the gang members inside sense likelihood of being caught. A few from the gang continue to evade arrest. Suhail is only a White Guard member, the Youth League Mandalam President MK Mrishtaqh told Deshabimani.