28 January Saturday

League Has History of Standing By BJP; Had Opposed Protest Against Citizenship Amendment Too: CM

Special CorrespondentUpdated: Wednesday Mar 17, 2021

Koduvally: “BJP is not major enemy” - that’s the Muslim League proclamation one should not forget, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.  League has  history of colluding with Congress to aid BJP victory and strike a mutual understanding. Both Congress and League united opposed the protests against Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA). One should not forget these things in these election days, said CM iat the  inaugural of LDF campaign in Koduvally.

LDF government was the first to declare ban on CAA in state. It requested the Opposition to show solidarity for the cause. However KPCC Working Committee turned down that proposition and League stood by their decision at the time. In effect, both Congress and BJP decided there was no need for united protest against the BJP govt at centre. By contrast, LDF always adopted an uncompromising stand against BJP, said CM. The event was presided over  by OPI Koya.