07 June Wednesday

Murder Not Accident, Affirm Police; Youth Cong Worker and Parents Arrested In Studio Owner’s Death

Anita SasiUpdated: Thursday Oct 14, 2021

Kochi : Police on Thursday arrested a Youth Congress worker, Eldo Joy and his parents  in connection with a murder that was staged to look like a case of accident.

On Monday, Eldos Paul, a 42-year-old studio owner in Kothamangalam was found dead by Periyar Valley canal with his bike lying close to his body. He had bled from an injury to his head in what  appeared to have be caused from tripping with his bike over the canal\s embankment(bund). However, as news of Eldos’s death became known, some  people were not so convinced and urged police to look deeper.  investigations later indicated that Eldo Paul, a resident in the locality was the culprit.

What Happened : Eldos Paul  lend money to Eldo Paul and was demanding it back for some time. At 10.30 pm on Sunday Eldos received a phone call from Eldo informing the money was ready and that he could collect it from his house. Eldos left on his bike almost immediately and when he arrived at Eldo’s house, the two got into an argument. Later, according to Eldo’s confession, he hit Eldos on his head with handle of an axe.  Eldos died at the scene. Then, together with his father Eldo ferried the body on scooter and disposed it off by the canal. They later pushed Eldos’s scooter  over the embankment close to where the body lay, hoping to mislead the police it was death from scooter accident.

Arrested are : Eldo Paul for murder, his father for helping to cover murder and mother for destroying evidence by burning Eldos’s mobile in the firewood stove